Veterinarians should be shot for administering vaccinations at the same time as surgery; animal caregivers should be shot for letting this happen to the beings in their care.  I recognize that most veterinarians will not do surgery on an animal unless it is current on shots, minimally up to date on rabies, but plan accordingly!  Get the shot done 30 days or more prior to surgery.

I highly doubt a doctor would suggest vaccinations on the same day as surgery on a human.  There’s just too much risk.  Anesthesia can be extremely hard on an animal or a human.  Why risk potential side effects or reactions by vaccinating at the time that an animal is down or stressed?

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

2 Replies to “Vaccinations”

  1. They really do push. I can’t find a vet around me who does not push and push and push the vaccinations. If only Rabies is required by law, why is the dog not considered “up to date” as long as that has been given?

  2. They should be but it seems some vets think that dogs must have all vaccinations in order to step foot inside their door.

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