Our First Farmer’s Market

Wally and I attended our first Farmer’s Market in Conover on Saturday.  We got there, set up and waited.  Honestly, I was afraid we wouldn’t sell any of the rabbits we bought.  I was wrong!  We sold all of the rabbits we brought and two dozen eggs!  How exciting!  The best thing was how much we all (we brought Gel with us) enjoyed it!  It was very low key, the other farmers were very nice and supportive!  They all came and introduced themselves and welcomed us.  A big difference from the cut throat attitude of most of the farmers at the Charlotte Farmer’s Market.

Granted, I could charge a dollar more a pound for what we sell in Charlotte, once you factor in the travel time and gas, it isn’t worth it.  I’d much rather support this small market which allows ONLY local farmers, no re-sellers are allowed!  That’s one of the things I didn’t like about Charlotte where there’s re-sellers galore.

Now, we need to get some more rabbits to process before Saturday.  We’ve still got some Silver Fox that we bought from the man in South Carolina to process, I just need to figure out which ones.

I’m seeing some problems with coccidiosis in some of the rabbits.  I’ve added apple cider vinegar to their water in an attempt to combat that.  I’m going to up their feeding in an attempt to push them closer to fryer-size.  My charts indicate that they won’t be ready to be processed (16 weeks) until the beginning of June.  We may not have much to sell at the Farmer’s Market over the next few weeks.  I scheduled some goats to go to the processor June 11.

I only have a few minutes before I need to go out and get my milking done.  I have to catch some of the older laying hens and put them up so I can take them to be processed tomorrow morning.  I hooked up with an Amish family that is going to process them for me.  I’m going to help so I can learn to process chickens.  As small as we are, we can’t afford to continue to take them to the processor in Marion to have them done.  It cuts too much into our profit, if there is even a profit.  I’m excited about meeting the Amish family.

Until later …