Today IS going to be a better day.

In general, yesterday SUCKED.  I guess I got up on the wrong side of the bed; it may have been one of those days that I shouldn’t have got up at all.  Part of the reason it was so bad was because I slept poorly.  Note to self: don’t leave food cooking in the crock pot overnight.  The smell of food cooking disturbs my sleep.  Another reason was because I shipped off most of my endurance equipment on Tuesday.  That was bitter/sweet.  Yea, the money will come in handy, but by selling it, I was closing and locking the door on my endurance dreams.

Finally, as has been the case for a long, long time now, the job search is driving me mad.  I send beautifully crafted cover letters out with my resume and never get a response.  The job market sucks, sucks, sucks.  Heard on the news this morning that a local buffet restaurant is closing which will mean more people in the job market.  I can’t believe a buffet restaurant is closing: people around here love buffet restaurants where they can go and pay one price and gorge themselves.  I hate buffet restaurants for that reason.

But, there isn’t much of anything I can do about the job situation except to keep plugging.  I’ve been networking a good bit with business people in an attempt to find something.  Surely, someone would want a highly-qualified office person for a few hours a day.  I need to compose a cover letter and send it to all the law firms in Hickory and Lincolnton to see if maybe one of them would have a need for someone with my background for a few hours a day.  Will work for cheap!

I spent a couple of hours in the garden yesterday; I didn’t get in there early enough and about died from the heat.  I hope to do better today.  I milked late too, promised the goats I wouldn’t do that again today.  I was late because I was on the phone with a man out Asheville way who put a post on Craigslist advertising heritage breed chickens (processed, to eat) for sale.  I called him asking how he was doing at selling them.  He told me he hadn’t sold any, but that he was asking $10/pound for them!  Good luck with that!

It seems the “White Rock” chicks that I bought back in May who are growing like they are consuming nuclear feed might very well be Cornish X.  Not sure how that worked out … I bought them for $1/each.  The man said he hatched them.  Maybe they are Cornish X/White Rock X.  He couldn’t have bought them for $1 each.  It doesn’t really matter I guess.  They’ll be good to eat.  I’ll keep some of them for future breeders, but I’ll have to be very careful about which ones I keep.

The woman that I’ve been trading milk, cheese and eggs for rabbits is going to bring us a retired breeding doe and a year and a half old male who appears to be sterile to me for processing.  The plan is to make sausage out of them.  I think I’m going to make it and go ahead and try to sell it at the Farmer’s Market and see how that goes.  That means we’ll have three difficult-to-clean rabbits to do this weekend because I still have the last rabbit I got from the same woman.

We bought a turkey fryer over the weekend to use as a chicken scalder and we need to fire that up to see how it works.  I’ll need to get those Cornish X chickens that I bought last week processed.  They are doing surprisingly well.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to go back to help the Amish people or not.  I’m afraid that they are nervous about an inexperienced person helping them clean chickens because if I make a mistake, they can’t sell the bird.  It’s okay, I think I can do it now.  I’ll need to review more videos, but practice makes perfect, right?

While in the garden, I fulled a trashcan-full of weeds for the rabbits.  I’ve probably got another trashcan-full in there.  I’ve also got a bunch of tomato, pepper and eggplant seedlings to get in.  Rain is forecast for Friday which is good.  I hope we get a good bit.  There’s been rain in the Carolinas from Tropical Storm Beryl, but it has gone all around us.  We need rain.

It’s a fabulously cool morning with temps in the high 50’s.  It feels wonderful!  I best get my butt in gear and get out there and get the chores done so I can get in the garden before it gets too hot.  It’s supposed to get to the high 80’s this afternoon.

Until later …