You can smell the rain …

I just got in from moving the rabbits; almost getting carried away by mosquitoes while I was doing it.  They are so funny when you move them: they hop towards the front of the tractor, happily starting to graze on the fresh grass as soon as they get to it.  It seems the only place that I can tractor them without risk of them getting out is the stretch of land between the house and the garden.  I’ll need to get a good grass seed mixture to sow back there.  I’m still thinking about getting a roll of electric poultry netting to try to see if it keeps rabbits in.  It seems, when properly charged, it will keep rabbits out.  It’s probably worth a try and if it doesn’t work, we can use it for poultry.  We’ve got the charger, all we need is a new battery to run it.  I’ll probably go ahead and order a roll of it today.  I’ve got a lot of rabbits to get out on pasture and don’t have enough tractors to get them in.  If we start to use electric netting, we’ll have to make an area that they can go under for shade and to evade aerial predators.  I can probably use a 10 x 10 piece of shade cloth mounted on plastic fence posts.  Hopefully they’ll be smart enough to look out for aerial predators and to go under it; that we’ll have them fenced closed to the house will help keep aerial predators at bay.  If all goes well, we’ll have at least six fryers to process this coming week.  We are going to the Farmer’s Market tomorrow with just chickens and eggs.  I’ve noticed a few other farmers have said that their eggs are limited; hopefully the farmers at the Market we go to will be short on eggs too.

Fingers and toes crossed: I may hear this afternoon if we have been approved by Animal Welfare Approved.  That will help our marketing tremendously.

I’ve got some beef short ribs defrosted which I’ll put in the crock pot with some beer, onions, garlic, etc.  Along with that we’ll have some baked beans that I made Sunday and some sweet potato salad.  I’ve been using Chris Schlesinger’s The Thrill of the Grill cookbook quite a bit lately.  I guess it’s a good thing that the kitchen always has piles of dishes, cookbooks, egg cartons (empty and full), gallon jars of cheese curding, etc. all over the place almost all of the time.  If I wasn’t actively cooking, the kitchen would likely stay clean.

When fate gives you a goat that gives nasty tasting milk: make cheese from her milk!  Brenna is a Saanen goat that we bought a few months ago.  I finally figured out she was the one giving the nasty-tasting milk so whenever I milk her, I put her milk along with that of another goat into a glass gallon-size jar to make cheese from it.  The cheese has been FANTASTIC!  Making it in gallon increments results in close to a pound of cheese.  Perfect for bartering!  Plus, the chickens love the whey.

Off to milk and do the rest of the chores.

Until later …