Rabies Vaccinosis

I wish my friend Helene would write more often in her Blog (or is it an un-Blog?) called Shaping Chaos.  I just read her post  on Rescue Dogs and Vaccinations and it is absolutely brilliant.  The link  that she posted on the symptoms of rabies in horses is proof in point that there is more than a casual connection between the rabies vaccination (which as Helene says induces a low-level chronic form of the disease in an effort to prevent the acute disease from occurring) and susceptibility to moving objects, excessive light, noises (among other things).  Yes, these symptoms are quite common in Border Collies whom as a breed have been bred to be exceptionally sensitive; but it’s just as common in other breeds as well.  Helene has more patience than I do in working with these reactive dogs.  I hate seeing rabies vaccinosis symptoms because they can be so severe and debilitating.  Look  at this Blog entry for example: “If Bob is contained during a storm, he will rip his way out of whatever crate he is in no matter the damage to his teeth, and bark at the offending noise.”  Fear of confinement, even if not coupled with noise sensitivity, as in this instance thunder phobia and fear of gun shots is another symptom of rabies vaccinosis.  Just last week there was a post to a list I’m on about a dog that got terribly injured trying to get out of a crate during a thunderstorm.  The solution?  Use crates with pins in them so they don’t fold in like most do these days.  Heaven forbid that they look deeper at the matter and try some constitutional homeopathic treatment which may very well work or at least lessen the severity of the symptoms.