Back to the drawing board …

I was so hoping the electric poultry netting would hold the rabbits.  Wally and I got it set up Sunday afternoon and installed seven rabbits in it.  They ran around and played for quite a while.  A few came close to the netting, then turned away.  Then one went through it.  Then Birdie (young cat) went through it.  We checked the charge and it was pulsing at 5,000 volts so it should have been enough to deliver a good shock and I’m sure it did, but the rabbits’ desire to go through the net was stronger than the pain the suffered from the shock.  We put the one that went through the net back in, but when another one went through it, we gave up and put them all back in the tractor.  We’ll use the poultry netting down the road to keep meat birds in.

We talked more about some sort of semi-permanent fencing using 16 foot cattle panels, but given how uneven the ground is on our property, I don’t think that will be viable.  So we’re back to tractors.

Wally had to work Saturday so I went to the Farmer’s Market on my own.  It was slow.  I had six rabbits with me, but only sold one.  Oh well, I’ll process some more this week and we’ll be ahead on our supply.  I’ll be picking up our processed beef one day this week.  I’ve got a boatload of stuff to get done this week.  It seems like that’s always the case lately.

I got a fantastic deal on Sunday.  I own Adobe Photoshop versions 7 and 4, but for the life of me, I can’t find the installation disks.  When hard drive on the lap top I’m currently using fried, I lost all of the software installed on it.  I’ve missed having Photoshop to edit photographs.  I’ve been using a MS photo editing tool, but I don’t like it.  I’ve been watching for used copies of Photoshop on both e-Bay and CL, but they’ve all been expensive or not available at all.  Yesterday, I did a search for Photoshop and found a lap top for sale not too far from here that had the entire CS3 Indesign suite installed; the purchase of the lap top included the install disks!  It was only $100!  The Adobe software sells, used, for over $400!  It also had Windows XP, Office 2007, Quick Books, etc. installed.  The lap top is a newer, faster one than this one.  Wally and I drove down to look at it Sunday afternoon and brought it home. Now I need to transfer all of my files and settings from this computer on to that one, then Wally can have this one to fool around with.  Like almost everyone, Wally likes to look at things on the Internet.  We’ve shared this one, but I use it quite a bit so I know he doesn’t get as much time as he’d like on it.

The farm web site desperately needs some updates so now they can get done.  Well, they can get done if I get my butt in gear and get the new (used!) lap top brought up to date with my files, etc.  It is supposed to rain a good bit today and tomorrow so I will have some inside time.

Except for a brief walk through to pick up my grass shears, I didn’t get down in the garden all week last week.  I hope to spend some time in there today, but the mosquitoes are horrific this year!  I have some herbal inspect repellent and it works pretty well, but not too long.  I guess I’ll do my work in brief spurts.  I hate getting bit by bugs!

I’ve got to take the eggs out of the egg turner today and then start listening for peeps.  Hopefully our hatch will be as good as it was last time.  I will never (hopefully!) buy adult birds from someone.  I was told the Dark Cornish that I bought were hatched last October.  No, they were not, they are old birds.  I don’t know if you can tell how old a chicken is.  I thought one of them was going to die on Friday.  I put her in the tractor with the young Dark Cornish chicks and she’s still alive, but she looks like crap.  The others look better, but not so great.  At least the White Rock pullets that I got from the same guy are doing well and they are young birds.

We cut way back on our laying hens, selling them as pets or for backyard flocks.  Now we are only getting about a dozen a day which is fine.  There’s a glut of eggs available at the Farmer’s Market so there was no reason for me to have any available.  However, since I didn’t bring any on Saturday, I had people asking for them so I’ll try to bring a few dozen each week, if I have them.  Come late summer, early fall and into the winter, the young hens ought to start laying so I’ll have them when other people do not.  At least that’s the plan.

On my FB page, I posted tried to post some articles about slow-raising of chickens in a natural environment.  They are here and here and here.  All very interesting.  Love the Eggs with Legs reference.  I’ve read of “milk-fed” chickens.  I need to get my young roosters separated from the rest of the flock and put them up with more milk and a bit of a “fattening” diet.  Unfortunately, I don’t think the general public is ready for the taste of such a bird.  Need to move to France.

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