The garden’s on the agenda today …

As is laundry and getting Wally his computer.  He asks for so little and I know he wants a computer of his own.  I love this man dearly!  Anything I can do to make him happy makes me happy.  He’s so easy to please.

Yesterday was not a banner day.  Lots and lots and lots of things went wrong.  It started out with discovering that I accidentally left the large freezer door cracked, luckily nothing defrosted, but I had to take everything out and defrost it.  It needed to be done anyway because I’ll be picking up Poncho’s meat on Friday.  Hopefully today will be a better day.  So far, it has been.

Everything that I took out of the big freezer fit in a small one, but it’s packed in there pretty tight.  The goal (I make a lot of goals!) is to cook my way through it, starting at the top (or near to the top).  We still have a lot of steaks left from Spot.  Wally and I really don’t eat a lot of steaks.  We’ve eaten almost all of the ground beef.  So, we’ll push to sell most of the steaks from Poncho and keep the ground beef for us.  I’ll be picking up about 330 pounds of meat, bone and offal.  Yea!

It’s going to be warm today; it’s still pretty humid this morning, but it’s supposed to dry off.  It will be a good day to dry laundry on the line.  I try to hold off on doing laundry for good drying days as I hate to use the drier.  Once it gets too hot to work outside, I’ll start on the computer.

The general veterinarian consensus (I’ve talked to two different ones, one a rabbit specialist) is that the problems I’m seeing in the rabbits is likely coccidiosis, a disease caused by coccidian infection, a parasitic disease of the intestinal tract of animals.  It’s quite common in cats in a multi-cat (cattery) environment (it’s quite common in a lot of animals actually).  The common drug to treat it is Albon (Sulfadimethoxine), but I remember when I was breeding cats and verbal about natural rearing, Albon stopped working and breeders were using Baytril (Enrofloxacin) off-label.  I could just put Albon in their drinking water and my immediate problems would probably go away, but that doesn’t take away the susceptibility to coccidia.  While I was out yesterday, I picked up a bottle of grapefruit seed extract to put in the rabbits’ water along with apple cider vinegar.  Both are supposed to help the animal deal with coccidian infection.  Is this just another form of suppression?  I don’t know, but at least there’s no meat withdrawal.  We’ll see how it goes.  I plan to start keeping the young does that grow off well and survive all the parasites, etc. that are on this farm.  That’s really the best way to deal with it.  Interestingly, when I did a web search yesterday for treatment of coccidiosis using homeopathy, this link came up first in the list.  Funny how things come around and around and around again.

Wally and I are considering going to a second Farmer’s Market Wednesday evening.  It is in Denver which is a very affluent community.  It starts next Wednesday.  They also have a market on Saturday, but we are committed to Conover.

I guess I had better get going and get it done.

Until later …