June 15 Newsletter

The new goal is to send out a weekly newsletter to cut down on the length of what I have been sending you all. Remember, if you do not want to receive these e-mails, just reply with “unsubscribe” and I’ll promptly remove you.

We will continue to attend the Conover Farmer’s Market on Saturdays, we are usually there from 8:00 until 12:00 and starting June 20, we will be at the Denver (Lincoln County) Farmer’s Market from 5 until 8 PM. We will have pastured rabbit meat, 100 percent grass-fed beef and a limited supply of soy, corn and GMO-free eggs. We will have soy, corn and GMO-free heritage breed chicken available in four weeks or so. Our fantastic eggs are limited because we cut back on our laying hens to make room for the breeds that we will be specializing in such as the Dark Cornish.

We hatched out another batch of Dark Cornish chicks, some of which we are fostering on to a broody hen. A hen does a much better job of raising chicks so we treasure those broody beasts. True Cornish chickens (not to be confused with the commercial Cornish X broiler chicken) are broader breasted and shorter legged than the traditional dual purpose bird. Developed as the ultimate meat bird, back when people knew what “real” chicken tasted like, the Cornish has contributed its genes to build the vast broiler industry of the world. Originally named the “Indian Game,” the Cornish is an English breed that came to this country in the 19th century. The true original Cornish are excellent foraging birds and particularly well suited for pasture raising. They are also excellent mothers. They take about 20 weeks to get to broiler size, but we believe the wait is worth it.

We are very excited to have grass-fed beef available for sale. It is from a Jersey bull that we raised from a bottle calf purchased at a local dairy. Poncho was butchered younger than what we planned, but because he was young, his meat should be extraordinarily tender and sweet. If you’ve never had meat from a Jersey cow, you need to try it. We believe it is superior to that of other meat breeds such as Angus. We also had a special mixture of 2/3rds ground beef, 1/3rd locally-raised ground pork made up for your dining pleasure. We call this “Mediterranean Beef” and promise if you try it, you’ll be back for more, and we hope, more and more. The supply is limited so get yours soon.

The goats are doing well. In another month we’ll be bringing two buck kids to be processed for meat. This will be a first for us. Unlike most dairies, we chose not to sell our buck kids as bottle babies nor do we sell them to third parties or at livestock sales for meat. They remain on their mothers, drinking their milk, until they are five to six months old. Because they are butchered so young and still on their mothers’ milk, we expect the meat will be mild-tasting, much like that of spring lamb. We take them to an Animal Welfare Approved processor and stay with them until they are dispatched. We hope that you will try some.

As always, thank you for your continued patronage and support!