Infrastructure …

Infrastructure, it’s always a problem.  It takes a good deal of money to install fencing, construct shelters, etc.  We were very lucky to find the man who made our rabbit tractors, but, unfortunately, he may have to start traveling out of state to find work.  This economy SUCKS!

This morning, Wally and I discussed what we’d tackle next.  We were going to rework the rabbit barn, as it stands now, it will not survive a heavy snow storm.  We may not be able to get it done the way we want to this year both because of lack of funds and due to our contractor friend traveling for work.  Now that we’ve seen what a good construction job looks like, we are reluctant to do it ourselves anymore.  I’m hoping to be able to keep at least the fryers in the rabbit tractors in the fall and winter, but it may not work.  We’ll see how it goes.  I just got in from moving them and it’s a good bit of effort.  It certainly is not as easy as walking down a line of cages filling water bowls and feeding forage.  The rabbits are happier in the tractors.

I believe we got to the bottom of why we were loosing so many newly weaned rabbits.  That’s a good thing!

The chickens: they are a problem.  We’ve got a bunch ready to go to the processor and the date I have them scheduled CANNOT COME SOON ENOUGH!  They are a miserable nuisance.  You can’t walk out the door without a herd of them running at you looking for food.  They are getting plenty of food; they are simply beggars!  I found that the chicks raised by hens are not so insistent on our feeding them as those who were not.

Animal Welfare Approved offers grants to approved farms for improvements and I am going to apply for a grant to make pastures and movable shelters for meat birds.  If we are unable to get a grant, we probably won’t raise meat birds next year.  It’s way too much aggravation to have the meat and laying birds all running together.  I’ll raise some chickens on the farm, I believe focusing primarily on the Dark Cornish, but we won’t do it to any large scale.  We have the one role of poultry netting that I purchased for the rabbits, but one roll of netting does not fence in a very big area plus there’s the problem of secure evening housing for the birds.

We have one more day of extreme heat to get through before it cools down.  This past week has been hell; it really has been.  Both with the heat and stress of the death in Wally’s family, we are both dragged out.  I felt bad for Wally going back to work, but quite frankly, he’s probably better off there than here in this heat.  It’s relatively cool this morning, but the humidity is high.  After moving the rabbit tractors, I am covered in sweat.

This journal has proven to be very, very useful in tracking information.  We ran out of banana bread and I almost know that recipe by heart, but there is a bunch of zucchini in the refrigerator that needs to be used up and I remember I made a good zucchini bread last year.  I posted the recipe on this journal and by doing a search for zucchini, I found it.  Not that I want to bake today, but Wally needs breakfast.

Given how the weather is going to be this week (lots of rain!) we probably won’t go to the Denver Farmer’s Market this Wednesday.  There’s little enough traffic at that Farmer’s Market on a good day; I can’t see people coming in the rain.  That relieves some pressure off me today because if we went to the market, I’d have to process rabbits today.  I’ll keep an eye on the weather for Wednesday and if necessary, I’ll process some then.  We’ve got plenty ready to be processed!  That’s a good thing!

I did my 2011 taxes yesterday!  Yea!  I was really glad to get that done.  All I need to do is sign them and mail them out.  Hopefully both my 2010 and 2011 taxes will go through without a hitch.  Fingers, toes, etc. crossed.  Now if I can only make it a point to get them done on time every year.  I don’t know why I have such a mental block about doing taxes.  Stupid!

Until later …

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  1. Lots of positive news in this post. I’m glad you solved the rabbit problem. Taxes done–what a relief. We often don’t realize how these undone things weigh on our minds causing stress and illness.

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