This morning I woke up to a sound I haven’t heard in months — rain! Glorious rain! When I walked down to take the sheep down to the pasture with Gel it started pouring. We (Gel, Ted the cat, the sheep and me) got soaked. Ted was not happy about it. Even the sheep seemed happy to get wet.

I am blessed to have a good local source for venison scraps. Last night I picked up a meaty rib cage and a bucketful of scraps. I’ll pick up more on Sunday. The puppies reveled in the rib cage. They chewed on it and played with it for hours. Pyro fell asleep inside the rib cage! If given the opportunity, they are so like baby wolves in their mannerisms and food preferences.

The puppies are all named and all spoken for. The almost black male is Heat Wave (Wave for short), the second male is Torch (his blaze is shaped like a torch). The female I am keeping is named Inferno (Fern for short). The almost black female is Pyro. The last female is Scorch.