Ready for an Extreme Case of Deja Vu!

It’s been quite a few months since I’ve driven to Charlotte to go to the Farmer’s Market.  If all goes as planned, I’ll be heading there Saturday morning.  I sure wish Wally could go with me, but he has to work.  I’m excited about going, but nervous too!  Hopefully our farm will be well accepted by the consumers. I’m going to try not to care what the other farmers think.  I know the Charlotte market is going to be extremely competitive, but I’m hoping our uniqueness will make a difference.

I realized yesterday that I’ve dropped the ball a bit in advertising our uniqueness when it comes to our chickens and how we raise them.  Granted, we are not quite “there” with the chickens and the chickens are never going to be a big part of what we raise.  I’ve focused a lot on the rabbits lately and now that they are in good order, I need to get to the chickens.  We have an appointment to have the White Rocks, Barred Rock and Buff Orphingtons processed on August 6 which is just around the corner (where did July go?).  While we are in Marion waiting on them, the plan is for Wally and I to go to the local library and I’ll use that time to begin work on the Animal Welfare Approved grant.

I have a lot to do today!  I didn’t get rabbits processed yesterday so they’ll need to be done this morning.  I hate killing the rabbits.  I don’t mind the processing, but the killing, nope, hate it.  But it’s something that needs to be done if we are going to raise rabbits for meat.  I recently decided to not sell any breeding stock.  The reason for that is because I don’t want my rabbits to go someplace where they will not receive the care that they do here.  Now that we’ve got them pastured, I see how much more humane it is.

I’ve never been so connected to food.  It’s an interesting and often difficult experience.  Picked up the goat meat Wednesday as well as a Jersey bottle calf.  The goat meat looks fabulous and we now have our farm name on the label.  Got 200 Animal Welfare Approved egg cartons yesterday.  They are beautiful!  We’ll never have to buy egg cartons again!

The goats are all milking well.  We didn’t put the babies up last night so I’ll have more time to do other things, like process rabbits.  I am going to get as much loaded into the truck as I can today so hopefully all I’ll have to load in the morning is the coolers of meat and eggs.  It’s quite a production going to farmer’s markets.  All those years that I’ve gone to farmers markets and I never once considered how much work was involved in the farmer getting there.  I think the vegetable farmers have it worst than the animal farmers, but that probably isn’t true; I probably think that because I have such a hard time getting down in the garden.

I managed to can six quarts of tomatoes on Tuesday; I’d like to get another six quarts done today if I can manage it.  Ha!  I might be able to get to it though.  Once I get them in the jars and then in the canner, I’ll have 45 minutes to do other things.

Our Internet access was not working well over the past couple of days.  It’s fixed now.  Luckily it was an easy fix: the power cord to the modem went bad.  It was most irritating!

Here it is 7:00 already and I need to get out and get the chores done so I can get started with the rabbits.  Agh.  The Jersey calf (Tanner) is howling.  He’s much more vocal than the Simmental calf (John Boy).  I guess it’s because he was one of two at birth, but the Simmental who is several weeks older than the Jersey is not that much bigger.  The Jersey is a good sized one though.  That’s a good thing!

Until later …