I dreamed I was on a cattle drive last night …

They weaned five calves into the pasture above our pond yesterday and they spent the night calling their mothers.  Noisy, but it could have been worst noise.

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days.  Farmer’s Market days are always busy and this one was no different.  We got to bed later than normal the night before and 4:00 comes early.  I slept horribly.  The last time the buck goat knocked me, he caught me at an angle that twisted my left hip and back and it was aching so bad it interfered with my sleep.  I took some aspirin before going to bed last night which helped my sleep.

Wally and I were going to go and look at a Border Collie puppy on Monday.  He was out of two working parents bred by people I knew.  Got a call from the man who had the puppy last night telling me that he sold “my” puppy that afternoon.  I said, “what?”  He said, well, you said you were going to come and “look at him.”  Well, don’t you usually “look at” something before you buy it?  That was disappointing.

If all goes well, however, Gel will have another litter on the ground before the end of this year.  A friend of Wally’s bought a trained female from a breeder in Kentucky.  He’s seen Gel and Gel’s son, Mica, work and was impressed and asked if he could use Gel for stud.  I’ve seen the female work and she’s quite nice (and well bred) so we agreed.  She should be in standing heat by the end of this week.  I asked for pick male puppy from the litter.  Of course, the puppies have to be conceived, whelped and raised so there’s no counting puppies before they are available.  I was incredibly disappointed with the man who sold the puppy we were going to look at Monday.  Damn!

Anyway, today we are supposed to go out to help a man work his Australian Shepherd.  This man has seen Gel work as well and I happened to run into him on Friday when I went to a local feed store.  In exchange for helping him with his dog, he’s giving us 20 Runner Ducks!  I’m pretty happy with that exchange.  I’ll try to get them dog-broke before the Farm Tour as the visitors will love to watch that.  Runner Ducks are excellent laying birds.  Of course, Gel won’t be so pleased with working ducks.  I thought they’d be great to start puppies on … so much for that, at least for the foreseeable future.

On Monday, Wally and I bring the older cow in to the processor. We’ll wait to see her carcass to see what she looks like before we decide what to do with her (grind her all into pet food or save some for ourselves). I need to confirm how old she is.  She’s a bit thin, but she’s a large cow so there should be a lot of meat.  There’s been good reception to raw pet food at the Farmer’s Market and that’s something I’m going to pursue, that and consultations.  I’m more than qualified to do consultations.

Things are going to change considerably around here in the next few months.  The people who own most of the land around here bought an extra strip recently and are going to fence in a good portion of the adjoining land to run cattle on.  That’s good and bad news.  It’s going to cut off some of the goats’ grazing land, but it’s technically going to give us more fenced pasture.  The goats are just going to have to figure out how to get around the new fencing.  We still have permission to use whatever the can get to which is good.  They are going to need to learn to stay away from the electric fencing.

We’ve (I’ve) got a huge list of to-do’s both from the Farmer’s Market and to get ready for both Animal Welfare Approved’s visit on the 27th and the Farm Tour.  It’s probably just as well that Wally and I are not taking a good part of the day on Monday to drive to look at a puppy.  We’ve got a lot to get done.

It’s wonderfully cool this morning and we got a couple of inches of rain last night!  While at Southern States yesterday, I saw that they had two flats of sweet potato plants still sitting there.  I got the manager to knock down the price and brought them home with us.  It’s too late for sweet potatoes, but I can harvest the vines for the rabbits.  Seeing those sweet potatoes (and other plants ) made me realize how wasteful the commercial plant growing industry is.  All that energy and resources to grow those plants only to have them be thrown away because they grew too many.  Sad.

Well, Wally and I got to sleep in a bit late this morning but we need to get our act together and get outside and get our morning chores done, then I”ll cook us a good breakfast. Tomorrow’s going to be an early morning, yet again …

Until later …