Houston, we have a problem …

Our goat milk tastes like peanut butter … just kidding!  Seeing a big increase in milk production since our goats have been eating the peanut tops.  Honestly, I can’t recall if I have mentioned on this journal that we’ve been feeding peanut tops or not.  The local farmer that we’ve been getting sweet potatoes from for some time now has been saving his peanut tops for us … yes, I remember now, I have mentioned this.  Anyway, it’s not technically “free” food because there’s a good bit of labor involved in getting them here and I gave the farmer (Carroll is his name) $20 yesterday as a thank you for allowing us to have these, but it’s darned near close enough.

The rabbits devour it like it’s candy.  That’s a good thing, but an even better thing is that no one has gotten sick from eating them and they’ve been eating a lot of them.  I have a truck load of them that I have to unload and then I expect I’ll be getting a call saying they have another truck load for me to pick up.  I’m afraid I’m going to have more peanut tops than I can use.  I need to figure out a way to dry them.

In addition to the peanut tops, I’ll be harvesting sweet potato vines once he starts digging the potatoes and there’s a stand of sunflower seeds and millet that was planted to attract doves that I have permission to harvest.  Lots of good food for the critters.  I have to unload the peanut tops from the truck before I go to do that.  Who needs damned over-priced, shipped-clear-across-the-country organic feed?

I’ve got a pot of roasted tomato sauce on the stove bubbling away and two loads of clothes to put out on the line. In addition, the goal today is to get more things done around the house. The past few days have been lost causes.  I’ve got to get the poultry netting replaced on the garden so I can put in seeds.  I think it’s finally cool enough to plant fall seeds.  I wouldn’t be unhappy if we did not see 90 degrees again this year.

Off to work.

Until later …

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