Cooler temperatures

It felt a bit better this morning; not quite so hot and oppressive.  The cattle felt it too.  They were running around have a good time.  The dogs enjoyed watching them.  The cattle would stop, look at the dogs as if inviting them to come in and play and then take off running.

I need to get back on the bike, but I’m feeling a bit achy and tired.  I think the five or so days of 90+ degree heat has taken a lot out of me.  The weather channel just upped the chance of rain to 60 percent tonight and I hope that is accurate as we desperately need rain.  I need to move my ElectroNet and it’s much easier to do it after it’s rained.

That ElectroNet: I love it, but it can be a pain in the butt.  Wally keeps reminding me about how last summer we were in the back pasture making holes with tent stakes in order to set the fence.  The ground was too dry to run the electricity on it and within days the sheep pushed the fence over and escaped.  I pray I don’t have to go through that ever again.  When I re-set it on Sunday I had to use my small sledge hammer to set a few posts, but most of them I got on without too much trouble.

I’m down to one fat white hen.  The other three died.  The heat got them.  You may recall I bought these birds because I wanted large breed chickens that would stay in field fencing.  Unfortunately, whatever breed they are, likely some sort of Cornish Rock cross, they were not bred to survive as real chickens.  It’s been painful watching them trying to survive.  The remaining one must way a good 20 pounds.  They are huge.  Maybe I’ll go to the flea market this weekend and buy a couple of real chickens.