Working fool!

I worked Fern on the sheep this morning.  She did quite well and the sheep were decent.  There may be hope for this motley group of sheep. 

After I worked her, we moved the sheep and cattle out into the side pasture to graze while I got ready for work.  Forage is already drying up.  It sure looked like it was going to rain last night, but we didn’t get a drop.   I’m rethinking the necessity of getting goats given it looks like I may start to have trouble keeping livestock without supplemental feeding.  Apparently south of Charlotte got upwards of three inches of rain last night.  It’s been very hit or miss rain.

When it was time for me to leave to drive to work, I took Gel and Fern down with me and we retrieved the sheep and cattle out of the side pasture.  When we had them up and the gate closed, I called the dogs and we went out of the ElectroNet.  Because there were some pretty high winds last night I decided to quickly walk the fence to make sure no branches fell on it.  When I was finished I called Gel and Fern, Gel came but Fern was no where to be seen.  Here she comes!  Driving the cattle to me.  Little shit!  she had gone back through the opening in the ElectroNet that we came out of and was back in there rounding up stock.  I threatened with tying her to me in the future if she didn’t wise up.

Ah!  Life with Border Collies!