Spellcast Farm Jersey Cow Rodeo Days

Just crawled in from participating in the Spellcast Farm Jersey Cow Rodeo. Yep, pouring rain, go down to the milk shed with my buckets wearing a rain suit. Jersey cows look at me and say “It’s an ogre! Run for the hills!” Luckily, neither cow can run very fast(we need to change the name of the farm to Lame Cow Ranch), but Michelle is weighed down by a rain suit that’s about five sizes too big and ten inches too long in the leg, not to mention muck boots that do not have treads.  My feet stay dry, but I might as well be wearing ice skates. Oh, and a Border Collie that normally races me to the door who decides he’s going to stay in the house where it’s dry.

Finally I catch Gwen, only to have her step on one of the pant legs, ripping it to the hip. Now I have plastic rain suit blowing in the wind, scaring the cows even more. The cows in the pasture come running up (these are the ones that can run) to see what the commotion is.  When they see the ogre-in-the-flapping-blue-suit and they high tail it back down in the pasture. Finally I decided to put Gwen in the paddock to let the three calves do the milking.  With a great deal of difficulty, I lead her down there and then slipped and fell in the mud which really scared the calves. Got two of the three up in the stall with Gwen, but the third says, oh no, I’m not going in there. The third calf happened to be Gwen’s daughter which got her that much more agitated.  Finally I gave up trying to herd a calf while wearing ice skates and walked back up to the house to get Gel.  We got the third calf in the stall with Gwen who promptly calmed down.

Luckily, Penny was only mildly curious about this muddy ogre-in-the-flapping-blue-suit and came cooperatively into the milk shed.  I was able to milk her without any further issues, except of course for muddy water running into the milk as I milked her. No worries, the chickens don’t mind muddy milk. Now, I need to go back out and see how many rabbits dug out of their tractors over the night and probably slip and fall a few more times pulling the tractors up the hill. An office job sounds very appealing right now.

Note to self: when you know rain is imminent, get your A** out there and do the milking before it starts raining! Cows and rain and mud and over-sized rain suits are not compatible.

Until later …

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  1. LOL. You should be writing comedy skits for Carol Burnett! Shane could really use a trained border collie. He seems to spend a lot of his time chasing cows at all hours and in all weather.

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