Perils of a Farmer

Teddy Bear, our Silver Fox buck, has been in the process of digging to China, every evening! It seems it was sick of the girls he had been living with and wanted to move on to new and uncharted chickies. So, I decided, for now, he was going to spend some time in a regular cage. I have a few does to breed to him and instead of doing pen breeding, as I had been doing, I am going to do it on an individual basis. The pen breeding is not working all that well because I can’t pinpoint exactly when a doe is due. So, as I was carrying Teddy Bear, he turned into the Tasmanian Teddy Bear and put a huge gash on my palm. Right where it comes in contact with teats (milking). Damn it hurts! I need to find something to wrap it with for milking this morning.

Until later …

One Reply to “Perils of a Farmer”

  1. Ouch! Sorry for the annoying bit to the hand. (Just took the bandaid off the cut to my index finger after two weeks.) Keep an eye out for infection. I’m remembering my friend who was bitten by the cat. It’s been two months and she is still not healed.

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