Homeopathy …

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with homeopathy for a long time now.  I used to be a strong supporter, but then I became disenchanted.  I think a big problem, at least when it comes to homeopathy working for me, are obstacles to cure.  Unfortunately, I don’t think much of anything is strong enough to just work, miracles happen, but they are hard to come by.  You need to clear the road, make preparations and keep the road clear.  I am not good about that.  The garden is a perfect example of that.

I ended up in the emergency room on Sunday.  I don’t know what triggered it, but my asthma got out of control.  It’s been building.  I haven’t had health insurance for over four years now.  My inhalers ran out.  The weather got colder and the wind picked up.  Both of which are triggers for my asthma attacks.  I haven’t been sleeping well for weeks due to coughing, which I’m sure didn’t help.  So Wally took me to the ER and as soon as I got there, I realized, shoot, I don’t want to be here.  I have enough problem with bills.  I stayed, took the breathing treatment and a steroid, refused the blood tests, x-rays and getting hooked up to IV.  Left with a rescue inhaler and prescriptions that I cannot afford to buy.

I posted on Facebook that I ended up in the ER and only two people “liked” or “commented” on the post.  That was a serious blow to my sense of self-esteem.  Guess no one really cares.  Then again, FB has been so wonky lately, good chance not a lot of people saw the post.  One person did, my homeopath, who wrote me, “Why not talk to your homeopath????”  Well, why not indeed?  Sometimes I’m really, really stupid.  So I’m now back under the care of my homeopath and I’m going to try my hardest to remove the obstacles to cure that have been there for some time now.  I really, really don’t want to rely on conventional medicine.  Asthma is curable, but it’s sure scary when you can’t breath!

The weather has been pretty sucky, no where near as bad as it is in other places, but after the weather that we had last week, it’s a rude awakening.  I’ve always hated the wind and when it’s got a cold bite to it like it does now, I hate it even more. It was close to 80 degrees last week and sunny, now we are going down close to freezing.  Yuck!  And I still don’t feel so shiny!

Regarding Facebook, I don’t know why people think that it was going to continue the way it was for free!  FB executives need to get paid so if they can make money off it, they are going to do it.  Nothing in life comes for free, nothing.  So, I’m going to back off FB and go back to maintaining this journal.  FB is addicting. Addiction is not a good thing.

This week, I plan to finish up the RAFI grant and then work on the SARE grant.  I’m pretty excited about the grant process.  I have very much enjoyed researching and writing them.  If you get the RAFI grant in during the early bird period, they will review it and give you constructive criticism on how to improve your proposal.  That’s great!  SARE is going to be much harder to do and I do not have high hopes for that grant, but RAFI looks pretty promising.  No matter, if we do not get the grant, we are going to find a way to do the project that I have planned.  Even Wally is excited about it.

Until later …