Last night was my bachelorette night, Wally went to the livestock sale for his red neck fix.  As I was milking, I heard the cows bellowing down below.  Darned, I thought to myself, I don’t feel like going down there in the dark (and cold!), but after what happened to the calf that got his leg stuck in the fence, I wasn’t going to take any chances.  After I finished milking, I got the ATV started and headed down into the DARK pasture with Gel.

It took me a while to find the cows and it’s a wonder I was able to find my way back out of the pasture.  We need to take better care of that pasture next year.  We do not have a tractor, so getting it bush hogged is difficult.  It’s really too late now to cut it so we’ll have to deal with the weeds until next year. As I was heading back up through the pasture along the fence line, I almost ran into the three cows.  They looked fine, but something caught my eye on the other side of the fence: glowing eyes!  The two calves had escaped the goat pasture and made their way down to their foster mother, remember, the T Rex cow?

Quickly, I checked the sheep and then called Gel and headed back up to the gate to come around and bring the calves up.  Luckily, except for having my ear drums shattered by the T Rex bellowing, it went without a hitch.  On today’s agenda: making sure these calves cannot escape the goat pasture!  It will be an easy fix.  Those calves are not going to best me!

Never a dull moment around here.  Must be smarter than the herbivores! Must be smarter than the herbivores!

Today is going to be a busy day.  Fridays are always busy getting ready for the market.  Wait until we get to the point of having vegetables to harvest for the market.  Then my head will really be spinning!

On the agenda this weekend is working on two of the beds.  We are going to make them a bit narrower. We made four beds 12 x 4, but  four feet is bit wide so we are going to reduce them to three feet which will make the alleyway a lot easier to navigate and keep weeded.  We also need to haul more composted manure down to the beds and figure out a way to get the row cover on the beds in  a way that makes it easy to get on and off. We have hoops, but they are really too high.

Milk cows are up looking up at the house wondering where I am so off to milk.

Until later …