Back to school?

I am considering going back to school via the Work Force Investment Act.  Up until yesterday, I was very excited about doing so, but now, I’m scared.  I sat at Catawba Valley Community College for about an hour and a half waiting to speak to an adviser.  As it turned out, I waited for nothing because until I get my transcripts from when I went to school back in the Dark Ages, I can’t register for anything.

As I was sitting there, I looked around at the other people waiting.  Almost all of them were doing something or other on their smart phones.  I couldn’t even get reception with my phone.  Almost all of the other people sitting around were young, really young.  I should have been sitting behind a desk as a staff member for my age.

Can I still learn?  I think so, but I don’t know.  Can I juggle the farm and a full-time course load?  I don’t know.  Can Wally and I afford for me to go back to school?  I don’t know.

I’ve come this far though, I might as well continue forward and see what happens.  I may not even be approved through WIA.  I’m almost scared to see my transcripts.  Way back when, I worked for the University of Massachusetts of Amherst and could have gone to school for free, on work time.  I blew that.  In addition to UMass/Amherst, I went to Suffolk University in Boston and Harvard University in Cambridge.  I expect to see on the transcripts that I failed to finish more courses than I finished.  I was young and stupid.  Am I any smarter now?  I don’t know.

Then, what do I go to school for?  Originally I thought about Web Technology; but decided against that for Photographic Technology. I have appointments with the heads of both departments next Tuesday so that should help me make my decision.  I wish I could merge both degrees together into one, but I doubt I can do that.

Wally is off all this week and we have a bunch of stuff to get done, but who knows how much of it we will get done.  This Friday the Christmas Tree Farm opens and we will be doing our sheepdog demos and bringing the goats and calves up for the “petting zoo.”  The weather has been sort of cloudy and overcast which makes me feel really lazy and sort of depressed.

Until later …