Sort of Famous

This article was printed in the Charlotte Observer.  Not sure what issue, but it’s there, some where.  It’s most exciting.  It came at a very auspicious time.  Both Wally and I have been a bit ragged about the farm.

I spent much of yesterday running around Catawba Valley Community College.  I don’t think going back to school in January is going to work out.  The program is set up for students to start in the fall.  Many of the first semester courses required for the program are not offered in the Spring.  Plus, I should be able to transfer in some credit from other universities which will make filling the schedule that much more difficult.  I’ll be meeting with the Workforce Investment Act people today to see if it can be put off until the fall.

A lot is hinging on the grants I applied for.  We’ll find out about the AWA grant in December.  The others, not until early next year.  If we get the grants, I’m obligated to do what I said I was going to do in the proposals.

So, we are in holding pattern, for now.  It’s going to be a gorgeous day so I am going to work in the garden some more.  I have three beds to prepare for planting and given how well the plants are doing under the row cover, I may plant some more lettuce mixes and maybe some radishes.

Until later …