Little Boo Peep Lost Her Sheep

And it’s not a good thing.  Went up to do the demo at the Christmas Tree Farm and eight of the sheep slipped through an open gate and headed back down the hill towards the house.  I weeded through the crowd of people with Gel and saw the sheep at the bottom of the hill.

A lady has put what is essentially a freeway along the edge of our property.  The man that lives in front of us (who sold her the property), a/k/a the Driveway Police has been giving me warnings that “the lady” (who has a name, but he calls her “the lady”) doesn’t want us doing this or that and we’ve complied with his requests.

The sheep were on the driveway, near the gate that lead to our property.  Just as I sent Gel to fetch them, a truck came on the driveway and, I believe, they headed onto her property.  I walked down the hill and headed out after them.

Meanwhile, the Driveway Police met me on his ATV.  I asked if he saw the sheep.  He didn’t answer me, but said “The lady has reached the end of her rope.  The sheep were eating her hay off the sides of the driveway and the chickens were eating the grass seed that she spent $300 on.”  I then told him, the sheep had just gotten out and the chickens had not been eating the grass seed except for when she first spread it out.

By the time I got back to our house to get the ATV, the sheep were not to be found.  Wally and I looked for hours.  Literally.  I drove around and around and around the back acreage.  The grass is really, really high in places and it’s brown.  If the sheep were in the tall grass, they’d be hard to see.

Meanwhile, Wally looked in the truck up and down the road.  I don’t think they went that way, but as I was walking down the hill, my vision wasn’t always clear due brush and dips in the hill.

Meanwhile, the Driveway Police spoke to Wally, and apparently apologized, but I don’t know if that’s true or if Wally is just trying to keep the peace.  I think the truck the sheep met may have belonged to The Lady and she may have called the Driveway Police to complain thinking the sheep were out unsupervised.

I don’t know that we’ll ever find the sheep that are missing.  That’s over $1,000 worth of sheep, gone.  Things have been stressful with the freeway going in.  I have been keeping the animals up as best I can, but I cannot keep the chickens from going through the fence onto the driveway so the chickens may need to go if The lady or the Driveway Police continue to complain.  As I’ve written before, the goats keep going through the hedgerow that fences in part of the pasture and we’ve seen the sheep go into the woods as well.

We have the sheep listed for sale and if by some great source of luck, they do return, they will be sold as quickly as we can.

A while back a job opportunity came up at a farm in New Hampshire and I seriously considered it, but Wally won’t move North.  Given how difficult things may become with The Lady, her freeway and barn that she’s building down below us and how uncomfortable it’s become with the Driveway Police and his wife, who’s way worst than he is, our once harmonious farm may not be so harmonious anymore.

When it started to get dark, I took the ATV and went up and down the road, even driving down driveways of the McMansions that have been built on what was once pastureland.  One lady freaked out and said I was trespassing,  which I was, but I was trying not to disturb anyone at dinnertime on a Sunday.  Said lady is on the hill above our property so she knew exactly who I was.  She’s buds with The Lady and the Driveway Police.  In fact, all of the newcomers are friends.

I don’t know, I feel very disadvantaged lately with my lack of income, real job, issues I’m having with the farm, some of which I haven’t shared and some that involve Animal Welfare Approved, etc.  I interviewed for a part-time job on Thursday which would be a good one for me, but she hasn’t checked my references so I don’t think I’ll be getting it.  I want to just quit farming at this point and find some job.

I wish all the Walmarts and like stores would close because all of these people who look down on us would have a different opinion of what we do, but that’s rather unlikely to happen, at least not anytime soon.  I now know how many of these people are able to afford their high dollar houses and cars, and freeways: it’s done at the expense of the environment, animals, humans, etc.

I want to just cry now, so that’s what I’m going to go and do.

Until later …