Animal Welfare Approved

As expected, we did not get funding from  Animal Welfare Approved for our chicken expansion for 2013. This was not a surprise.  In light of this, we will not continue to be audited by AWA in the future.  It seemed like a good thing at the time, but now I feel differently, and it is nothing to do with not getting the grant.

Complying with their standards, especially when it came to the rabbits, was not in their best interest or ours.  Of course, our rabbits will remain pastured, as will our chickens, goats, ducks and cattle.  None of that will change.

And even though we will not continue our certification, we will still be the first farm AWA approved for rabbits, they can’t take that away from us. We have always worked towards keeping our animals in the most humane manner.  We do not need anyone to certify or audit us for that.  Thank you for your continued support.  This is one big, heavy weight lifted off me.

Until later …