Earlier this month I decided to not return to school in January.  I thought my unemployment benefits had been exhausted, but yesterday, I got a notice in the mail saying I was eligible for another tier of unemployment, but this is only IF unemployment benefits are extended.  I did a little bit of research on the Internet about the negotiations involving extension of unemployment and it is unclear what may happen.  If unemployment is extended, I can probably afford to return to school; if unemployment is not extended, I don’t even know if I can find a job.

I have been applying for jobs, but except for the one I interviewed for a few weeks ago, I’ve had no call-backs or even acknowledgment of my application beyond a generic e-mail saying thank you for my application.  I am one of those “long-term” unemployed who have become unemployable.  As this article states, “Circles don’t get more vicious than this. The people who need work the most can’t even get an interview, let alone a job. It’s a cycle that could end with the long-term unemployed becoming unemployable. It’s what economists call hysteresis, the idea being that a slump, left untreated, can make us permanently poorer by reducing our future ability to do and make things. You should be scared anytime you see the words “permanently” and “poorer” together in a sentence — especially if you’re a policymaker.”

Funny, they are saying just this on the local news right now.  Unemployment may have dropped, but nonprofit organizations that help poor people are at the breaking point.  These unemployment numbers do not tell the real story.  So, I have become permanently poor.  Maybe not such a bad thing as long as we can make ends meet.

If unemployment is not extended, wait until all of the temporary holiday jobs are gone and see what happens to the unemployment figures and the economy.  Everyone is on a high right now with holiday shopping, but that is not going to keep going.

Just this week I applied for a full-time job that I am well qualified for, but it waste of time because I know I’ll never get an interview.  Sometimes I think I should make a fake resume, one that shows me in a “real” job for the past years (vs. my really, real job of raising food) just to see what would happen.

I would hate to not take advantage of the opportunity to obtain a degree.  I don’t even know if I can get my application back in place now.  I am meeting with the WIA individual on Monday.  I plan to go to CVCC today to drop off the rest of my transcripts and to reschedule my testing.  We’ll see what happens.

Both Wally and I are concerned about whether I can juggle school and the farm.  I feel like I waste a good bit of time on Facebook, Craigslist, etc. and if I were more organized, I’d have more time.

There are rabbits hopping all over the yard.  The rabbits in two tractors dug out Tuesday night and it will be a two person job fixing the tractors so they can’t dig out again and a two person, single Border Collie job to catch them.  I’m sure we’ll loose some of them, but it is what it is.  Next year, we’ll install the tractors either over raised beds or, if it works out that we can move them out into the back field, over wire so they cannot dig out during the fall/winter months when grazing is not adequate.  We can’t put four plus months into feeding and raising them to have them dig out and be gone.

It’s freezing outside.  It hasn’t been this cold in some time now.  It’s not too warm in the house either.  I have the heat turned down to 60 degrees and that is not too warm.

Until later …