Rabbit Tractors

Wally and I were supposed to put wire under our rabbit tractors this weekend, but it did not get done.  Saturday was shot with the Farmer’s Market and the last day at the Christmas Tree Farm.  Sunday, it started raining pretty early here.  Plus, I made the executive decision that I did not want to use valuable wire in that manner.

Instead, we decided to go ahead and build the raised bed frames now and put the rabbit tractors over the bed frames as planned.  I’ll bed them down deep with straw and other types of litter and see how it goes.  I need to figure out something to put around the outside of the beds to prevent future dig outs.  Right now, I can’t think of anything other than wire, but it will only have to be a narrow strip of wire and we can use scrap wire for that.

We found a new handyman to build future tractors, etc. and he’s going to come out on Wednesday to put the beds together.  The tractors are all approximately four by eight, but they are all slightly different so some careful measuring and cutting will need to be done.  Wally is more than capable of doing this, but it needs to be done ASAP so we can catch the rabbits and get them back up.  Hopefully, we haven’t lost too many of them.

We received a good bit of rain yesterday and last night and there is a 100 percent chance of rain today and another 80 percent chance on Thursday.  That is wonderful news.  It is HORRIBLY dry here.

The T-Rex cow went to a fantastic new home on Friday!  I think she’s going to make a really good milk cow for this girl.  On Sunday, when I went down to milk Gwen and Penny, it was so nice to not see her in the paddock.  I think the circumstances surrounding her arrival here were so tainted, it made for bad energy.  She simply was not destined to live here.  Luckily, I did not loose too much money selling her.

Gwen and Penny are doing really well right now and I believe I’m going to postpone taking Gwen to the processor.  I am not sure we’ll even have freezer space for her meat so we’ll have to postpone taking her.  I’ll be picking up the meat from the two we brought last Monday either the end of this week or the beginning of next and I’ll also be going to get more chickens from the Amish family this week.  This meat will take up a good bit of freezer space.  We have two small freezers full of venison for the dogs and cats.  Lots ‘o meat!

I have an appointment at 11 to meet with the WIA individual to see if I will be able to get into the program or not.  I am not going to expect to get in because I don’t want to be disappointed.  I spent several hours at CVCC on Friday and received some somewhat upsetting news: because some of my college credits were taken as a continuing education student, they cannot be transferred.  I hope that is not the case and if it is, I hope there’s some sort of appeal process.  There are two courses that I took at Harvard University that can take care of two of the required classes for the photography degree.

Reese continues to do really well.  He’s quite the scrapper!  It’s almost time for him to start dragging a long line.  We’ve been taking him with us on short rides and he’s been up to the Christmas Tree Farm for socialization.  Want to make sure he’s brought up right.

On last check, the LGD puppy is doing fine in his new home. The sheep and Shine are doing great.  The stress has been tremendously reduced which is a good thing!

Until later …