Rabbit Tractor Raised Beds

In our continuing efforts to be sustainable, we constructed eight more raised beds the same size as our rabbit tractors.  As you’ll see from the photos, the rabbit tractors sit right on top.  I filled the “beds” with a thick bed of straw and installed the rabbits where they’ll contribute to future fertility of the beds with their valuable manure and urine.  I’ll continue to add more dry matter (be it straw, spent hay, sawdust, leaves, etc.) to the beds.  Once we put the rabbits back out to pasture (when the grass starts to grow again), I’ll add some of our compost to the beds and plant them.  We will install wire int he walkways between the beds so that if the rabbits dig, they cannot escape.  When heavy rain is forecast, we’ll cover the open parts of the tractors with a tarp to keep the rabbits dry.  We also have backs that we will install on the tractors this weekend.  We’ll see how it works.


Until later …


7 Replies to “Rabbit Tractor Raised Beds”

  1. We too, are raising rabbits and using raised beds. This year we began using the plastic covered cold frames to lengthen our growing season. We would like to try your rabbit tractors on our beds, but can’t figure out why you are using the PVC pipe between the two. Could you please tell us what it is for? Thanks, Ron

  2. During the warmer months, our rabbit tractors go on the ground. The PVC along the bottom helps them to glide better across the ground.

  3. Love this concept! Going to do this with our raised beds. Been wanting to put our bunnies to good work on the ground. Great wintering concept and we’ll be able to avoid crowding them in pens when the weather is bad.

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