Hide and Seek

I took some photos this morning of the cattle and sheep playing hide and seek.  Interestingly, I saw the cattle (Gel did not) and I sent him to the right.  He took the flank without question.  Of course, I couldn’t see where he was because the grass is so tall.  He found the sheep first, I didn’t see them myself.  After the sheep came out, I sent him back, again blindly, for the cattle.  Here’s the photos in a series.  You can click on them to see larger sizes:

I couldn’t resist this photo.  Gel says “hi!”


Here’s two of him driving.  As you can see from the distance, he’s finally comfortable driving and he has to push on the cattle to keep them going, especially when going by a tasty bale of fresh-cut hay.  

 Here’s two of Gel gathering the sheep and cattle so we could put them up for the day:

 I apologize for how dark the gathering photos are, but it was in the shade.

Finally, here’s one photo of the fence I put up around my sitting area this past weekend: 

 You may wonder where Fern was during these photos.  Well, both she and Monty got into a lot of trouble this morning.  I took them for a run on the ATV early in the morning, then went in the house to do chores in there.  I checked on the dogs a few minutes later and found Fern and Monty had cornered a duck and were playing duck-tag with it.  Granted, Monty doesn’t know any better not to mess with stock, but Fern does.  Both got unceremoniously locked into their respective runs.  I know Fern was most unhappy when I took Gel out to gather the livestock when it was time for me to go to work.