One step closer to becoming a student …

Took the math and computer test at CVCC yesterday.  I am thrilled to say I passed both!  It got dicey when they said I couldn’t use the calculator I had been studying with for weeks.  I checked the test organization’s web site for allowed calculators before I purchased this one and I knew it was allowed, but I guess CVCC is operating under different guidelines.  No matter, I still passed!  I got an 83 which is perfectly respectful given I took very little math in high school and consider myself a math idiot.  Passing this test means I’ll only have to take two developmental classes instead of five.  Interestingly, the computer test gave me more problems than the math!  I consider myself a bit of a computer nerd, but some of the things they were asking me to do (via Windows XP) threw me!  I passed it, but I felt like that test would have been a walk in the park for me.

As of now, I have two math classes that meet Monday through Friday from 11 to 12; one class that meets Monday and Wednesday from 9 to 10:20 but these two classes only last eight weeks total; one that meets Thursday from 9 to 10:20 and two on-line classes for a total of 14 credits. I’m afraid my head will be spinning like a top trying to manage everything.  One thing is for sure, I’ll spend a lot less time looking at Craigslist and Facebook, both which are good things.  Both are addictive behaviors and I am not good with addictive behaviors.

Now that I’m on this course, I’ll get the RAFI grant; if I decided to not go to school hoping to get the grant, I wouldn’t get it.  Murphy’s Law.

Our first set of goat kids were born yesterday to a first time freshening doe.  Wally got home before me yesterday and found them.  The rest should start kidding now, but unfortunately, they are going to be dragged out over a few months.  I’d rather they all kidded within a few weeks of each other.  The goal, this year, is not not milk goats until after the buck kids are old enough to be weaned and processed into meat.  If all of the goats have twins, that should work perfectly.  We’ll see.

I’ve got two days to get my ducks in a row now.

Until later …