Regrets …

Got my first day of school under my belt and it went well.  The Business course is going to be very, very good for me.  The math, well, math is math.  Remember, math is a four letter word.  Hopefully I’ll get through it.  I have to get through it, no choice in the matter.

As I write this, Yoda is warming up and I need to leave in about ten minutes to go to school.  Today is the first day of my professional writing course.  I have math every day of the week … daily torture!  Business meets twice.  The other two classes (and part of the writing class) are on-line which is pretty good.  I work on my homework in the morning until it gets light, then go and do chores.  Because I do not have milking chores right now, I have a bit more time in the morning.

Milking chores will resume again on Thursday.  We pick up a new cow from the dairy Wednesday afternoon.  Several months ago, I traded Gwen’s heifer calf for this cow.  At the time, it seemed like a good idea, but now, I guess I wish I had something from Gwen to keep.  We really are not set up to raise a heifer calf to milking age and we have an immediate need for milk, especially now.  The new cow’s name will be Cocoa.  She’s about Gwen’s age, not lame, but only has three quarters.  Quarters are sections of a cow’s udder.  Cows have four quarters, but sometimes a quarter or two goes bad (due to mastitis or injury or both).  Hopefully it won’t be too much of a rodeo getting her into the routine.  The first few days with Penny were rough, but she’s now in the program and doing well, even though I’m not milking her right now.  Usually feeding and loving on these cows for a couple of days is all it takes to get them gentle and used to you.

Regrets!  I hate them.  I regret that I didn’t do more with my education when I was younger.  I regret that I didn’t start farming when I was younger.  I guess though, things happen in your life when they should.  I’m a lot more mature than I was back when I was going to college and hopefully more disciplined.  What I worry about is whether mentally I can still learn.  That I passed the math test I guess is proof that I can.

The goats have been kidding without issue.  We now have:

  • Honey: buck and doe
  • Bella:  two bucks
  • Marshmallow: one doe
  • Billie: one doe
  • Socks: two does (I think, they were just born this morning).

The guy that bought the eight does from me a few months ago wrote and so far, he’s had quite a few singles and all of the kids born so far have been bucks.  Mine are favoring does, which is good, I guess.  All are white or mostly white (he had some bay ones out of the Oberhaslis).  I need to pick up some collars so we can identify who goes with which doe.  Both Honey and Marshmallow are first time fresheners so unless they are milking superstars, I will not keep their doe kids.  The others (Billie’s and Socks) I will keep.

We’ve got one more doe that seems pretty close to kidding, then the rest should hold off for a little while.  They were bred on their second or third cycle.

Off to school.  Gel keeps insisting he should go, but there’s no need for him to be sitting in the truck for three hours.  On Thursday or Friday I need to make a trip to Taylorsville and I only have the math class so I may take him one of those days.  He’s a bit out of whack having me gone part of the day.  He’s attached to my hip most days.

Until later …