Paring down

After telling a good friend of mine that we sold all of the goats this week, he asked what we had left as far as animals.  I told him cows, rabbits and ducks.  Then he asked if we were getting out of farming.  I told him no, of course not.  He said good because he’d come and kick my butt if I quit.

When I first told him that all we had left was cows, rabbits and ducks, I thought to myself, there goes our diversification and did I pare down too much.  Then I realized, what we had done was to pare down to what was profitable, what worked well with this farm at this point in time and what was most profitable.  I think we were getting to the point of being too diversified – stretching ourselves too thin.

Everything happens for a reason and at one point in time, I was upset that we didn’t get the AWA grant to expand our chicken program, but now, I’m glad we did not get the grant because it would have been too much.  I went to the Amish family’s farm yesterday to get chickens and eggs and went out to see how their livestock guard dog puppy was doing.  This was the puppy I purchased for our farm, but they were suffering hawk losses so I let them have him.  He’s doing great and looks wonderful.  While out there with the chickens, I realized just how much I did not miss our chickens.  I am very happy selling the chickens and eggs that they raise because they are doing a fantastic job.  They are in the process of switching their dairy to organic production and along with the cattle, the chickens are being transitioned as well.

So we still have chickens and eggs to sell, hopefully soon we’ll have duck eggs and down the road, duck meat.  We have rabbit and beef from our Jerseys.  If the RAFI comes through, we’ll expand the rabbits and start with vegetable production.  If not, we’ll expand the rabbits as best we can and hopefully be able to expand our vegetable production.  We’ll see …

School is going well, but it’s a lot of work.  School was cancelled today due to a winter storm, which is a good thing.  Math is giving me fits and I’m pretty much resigned to taking the class again.  I don’t think it’s possible to cram that much learning into four weeks when it’s a subject I’ve never learned.  I suppose if this was the only class I was taking, it would be different, but that isn’t the case.  I have to take a quiz in marketing by Saturday PM; and another quiz in business before Sunday PM and there’s a huge research project due in English.  Not sure when it’s due, but it’s going to be a momentous amount of work.  I’m busy and that’s a good thing.

Until later …