Math … agh!

This week has been spent cramming on math.  About all I’ve done this week has been math.  I’m living, breathing and eating math!  Took the first exam yesterday.  I went into it really, really comfortable, but some of the equations threw me and when people in the class started to leave, that distracted me and got me worried about running out of time.  Hopefully I passed, but that was only the first test, the second one is today and it will likely be more difficult because it has word problems which I struggle with.  I mean, really, why write word problems in mumbo gumbo math lingo.  Just tell me what you want in the problem and I might be able to do it.  Word problems make my head hurt, big time!  I really, really don’t want to take this class again.

So, I’m exhausted!  Wednesday night we had bad storms: wind and rain and I slept horribly!  I slept better last night, but only marginally.  Because I’ve been focusing so much on math, my other classes have suffered.  I have a four-chapter test that needs to be completed in marketing by Saturday night; business work (quizzes and discussion questions) to get done by Sunday night; a paper that needs to be written by Monday at 1 PM and web design work that needs to be turned in by Tuesday.  I’ll a busy cookie!

If all goes well, we’ll be going to pick up our starter flock of Ancona ducks.  I found another individual that raises them in the mountains and have ordered ducklings from him.  We ought to have a nice flock of ducks by summer.

The cows are doing well.  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to think of them.  They are such wonderful cows and we are blessed to have them.  I miss the goats, a little bit, but not much.  We have two males left, but they’ll be going to the processor on February 11 and that will be it for the goats.

I pulled some Chioggia beets from the garden last night and roasted them with some locally-grown sweet potatoes and sweet onions.  Oh, they were magnificent!  Wally wasn’t so thrilled with the beets, but he at them.  Chioggia beets are almost too pretty to eat!  I’m chomping at the bit to get seeds in the ground, but I’m going to wait until the middle of February.  Mother Nature is still throwing winter weather at us.

Alright, it’s almost time to go out to milk Cocoa, past time really, but it’s cold and windy out and I’m enjoying my last cup of coffee … well, really not the last because if I have time, I’m going to swing by Starbucks and get a cup of expensive coffee to give me that little bit of boost … or maybe not …

Until later …