Lots of happenings!

As I anticipated, school work has put a damper on keeping this journal updated.  I am sorry for that.  I just get caught up in “stuff” and forget to update it!

There is some fabulous news!  We received the RAFI grant that I applied for last year!  I am so, so, so very thrilled!  Now we can really progress with expanding our pastured rabbit program and adding market vegetables.

Second, we went to get a starter flock of Ancona ducks on Sunday.  They are everything I expected them to be!  In addition to purchasing 30 adult ducks, we put 41 eggs in the incubator.  Not sure if they’ll hatch or not.  It’s a bit early for aggressive breeding to be going on, but there were enough drakes in the flock to keep the eggs fertile.  We’ll see.

School is going well.  The second math classes is proving to be much easier than the first one was.  Hopefully that will continue.

Until later …