Six Weeks Old Today!

It’s hard to believe that three puppies will be going to their new homes next Tuesday. I don’t know what I’ll do with all the extra free time! Poor Gel and Midge are getting very little work these days because the puppies are taking up so much of my time. I’ve done a good job with these puppies. They are in beautiful condition, as is Midge. One day soon I need to get a fecal done to see if they have worms, but I’m sort of thinking they do not. It will be interesting to see. Even though they are outside in a run during the day, they have no fleas on them. They are fat, sassy and healthy.

Yesterday I came across a quote that rings true in my case: “If my method of natural rearing and breeding is so far fetched then you have nothing to worry about, I will fail. But if I am right then you have much to learn, and our Cockers have so very much to gain.” Author Unknown

It is finally cooler which is a huge relief! It was in the mid 50’s this morning and now at almost 4:00 it is just 77. Now if we’d only get some rain everything would be good. I’ve given up on local hay this year and will pick-up a huge square bale of hay from Canada or out West to feed my sheep for the winter. This has been a very bad summer as far as weather goes.

This morning before I went to work I dug out my puppy dog walk. Glad I held on to it. I’ll put it together tonight and play with the puppies on it. They are so much fun!

The National Sheepdog Finals have begun and I’ve book-marked the page showing the scores to keep track of who is doing what. I note the dog currently in first place is Patrick Shannahan’s Riggs, a littermate to Midge’s mother. Not that this makes Midge any more special or valuable. I am of the opinion that while pedigrees are important, it is all about the dog’s upbringing, the ability of the handler and the relationship between the handler and the dog.