The Three Sisters

According to Iroquois legend, corn, beans and squash are three inseparable sisters that grow and thrive together.  I have already decided to grow some sort of stalk vegetation, be it corn, sorghum, millet, Jerusalem artichokes or sunflower (or all of these) and allow pole beans (such as velvet beans) to twine up the stalks.  I’ll harvest the beans (and corn if I plant it and sell the sunflowers as cut flowers [sunflowers will be planted]) and then feed the stalks to the rabbits.

Corn is a heavy feeding vegetable, beans fix nitrogen in the soil.  Squash, I don’t know.  I love squash, but squash bugs have been particularly bothersome in the past.  Plus, squash takes up a lot of room in raised beds.  Room is not a problem where the rabbits are going to be moved and market vegetables planted.  It may be worth a try to see how it goes.  Our ancestors had a lot of wisdom and knowledge lacking in this industrialized world.

A way of deterring squash bugs (vine borers) is to start the squash early and keeping it under row cover until the plants flower.  That is certainly possible.

The more I thought about beans (including velvet beans) the more I realized how important beans and peas are going to be to this project.  Legumes fix nitrogen in the soil.  Beans and peas are tasty, difficult to harvest, but tasty.  The rabbits will devour the bushes (vines) when they are through producing.  What better vegetable(s) to plant extensively both in the rabbit area and in the raised beds but peas and beans?  Still waiting until next Friday (March 9) to get seeds in the ground.  March 9 is two days before the new moon, the time that is supposed to be beneficial to sow seeds.  We’ll see.  I talked to another gardener today at the market and they already have peas emerging under row cover.  It’s tempting to get some of mine in now, but I want to experiment with the new moon plantings.  I have plenty to do to get the beds ready to plant in before Friday.

I passed out of the math class so now I no longer have to go on campus Thursday or Friday which will give me much needed time to catch up both on school and other projects.

Until later …