Comfrey is another plant that we plan to cultivate here in our rabbit area.  The plan today (when it warms up) is to go out and start to map out the area.  It’s a bright, sunny day so I will take pictures.  We need before and after photographs.

Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) is considered an invasive plant, but if you want to grow a plant for animal fodder, invasive is good.  It is particularly good to feed to dairy cattle (assuming our fussy girls will eat it) and of course it can be fed to the rabbits and the ducks.  As fodder, it’s very high in protein. Comfrey has deep roots which help draw nutrients and minerals from the soil so there’s a lot more nutritional value to it than just the protein.

The more I read and study, the more I realize the species of animals that we pared down to here at Spellcast Farm: dairy cows, meat rabbits and dual purpose ducks, is a good mixture of animals that can be either completely (rabbits and ducks) or partially (the cows) raised sustainably.  The dairy animals require a lot of feed and I do not know if it can all be grown here, but we can do a better job of it than we are currently doing.

Until later …