The beauty of Permaculture is that “it uses thoughtful observation rather than mindless labor.  It uses cunning not resources.”

From: The Crazy Palestinian’s Permaculture Page.

Wally and I are too old to be engaging in mindless labor; I should not be engaging in mindless anything!  On Sunday, we talked a good bit about the future of this farm.  We decided that next late fall/winter, we’d build more raised beds to install the rabbit tractors on top of up near where the new rabbit barn will be.  It makes no sense to have the rabbits in two places when the weather is bad.  Meaning: when it’s cold, it’s easier to water them all in one place.  I can still use the raised beds to plant in in that location as it has full sun in the summer.  Plus, the area is surrounded by fence so the rabbits will be safer.  Not that they are in much danger where they are, but it will be good to be able to shut rambunctious Border Collies out of the area if necessary.

We installed the rabbits where they are now because it was near the garden (a good thing) in full sun (another good thing), but we did it essentially because that’s where they were at the time we decided to construct the raised beds.  Last night while I was carrying does up to be bred, I realized, hauling rabbits up and down the hill was no fun, especially when they struggled and scratched me up.

Another thing I realized was that I really did not need to add soil to the top of these raised beds when I took the rabbits out to plant in them.  The vegetables I will be planting in these beds will be planted as seedlings.  I can plant them directly into the straw and they should thrive.  Why make more work for myself?  Duh!

A few more cold, wet days to get through and then come Thursday, warm weather and sunny days!  Finally!  March has come in like a lion.

Until later …