What did the rabbits and ducks eat last night?

Greens harvested from a local farmer’s field that had been partially eaten by bugs.  I expect he’ll be tilling this field under shortly so I need to get more out of there before he does that.  Even though the greens had lots of holes in them and some were pretty slimy (those went to the ducks) the rabbits pounced on them like they were candy!  The ducks had a duck party.  Free food is a good thing.

Note: this farmer does not use pesticides; hence the bug holes. This is the same farmer that we get our peanut tops and sweet potato vines from.

I have my tubs and knife in the bed of Yoda and will bring along my muck boots so I can harvest more on my way home from school this afternoon.

Tubs: we’ve had these tubs for well over a year now.  They are slowly disintegrating.  No surprise there.  We salvaged them from the side of the road at a horse farm on trash day.  We’ve used the crap out of them!  We’ll need to buy new tubs soon, but we keep watching the curb on trash day for more.

People think farmers live high on the hog given what we charge for our products; we do live high, we have good lifestyles, but we pinch pennies and make use of other people’s trash.

We got heavy rain last night (which is going to delay those farmers that use tractors to till their fields), but it won’t stop me from prepping raised beds for planting.  We are under a high wind warning today which I do not like.  It’s coming from the west which means the milk shed is going to be rocking and rolling.

Drove to Morganton yesterday to pick up 800 feet of never-used Agribon 30 row cover.  I got a great deal on it!  This was one item in the budget for the RAFI grant.

Until later …