Another of the pieces of the puzzle in place

Scored a big win on a used rototiller today!  Picked up a Husqvarna 9 horse power, rear tine tiller with less than 20 hours on it for a song!  Talk about being at the right place at the right time.  We were lucky to get it!

It’s still to early to do any tilling, but soon …

Still not happy with the concept of tilling, but I’m afraid it will be a necessity to some extent.  Once we get the rows prepared, we can work to keep the soil from compacting and hopefully we won’t kill too many earth worms.

Had a long conversation with the owner of a seed company in Georgia.  We are close to getting together a combination of seeds to plant for warm weather.  Discovered another interesting forage to add to the mixture: Lablab.  Weird name, huh?  It’s also called Hyacinth Bean.  It is safe for rabbits to eat.  It’s another one of the legumes along with velvet bean and scarlet runner bean that can be planted with corn, millet, sorghum or sorghum-sudangrass.  Looks like we’ll be planting a lot of corn.  The tricky thing is finding open pollinated sweet corn.

I love learning new things!

Picked up three more tubs of holey greens.  Gave one full tub to the ducks, will feed the other two to the rabbits tomorrow morning.

Until later …