Getting Started!

Here is the new rabbit/crop area:

This will be a good photo for before and after photos.  Right now, the area looks really poor, but after tilling the two rows, the soil looks pretty good.  To my knowledge, nothing has been done with this land except for limited grazing.  It the past ten years, it’s virtually sat untouched with very minimal grazing.  It will improve tremendously once we get the cover crops and rabbits on it.

Wally breaking ground on the first row.

Here’s the first two rows tilled with a layer of rabbit manure mulch on top.  In a few days, we’ll till in the rabbit manure and add another layer and then leave it until it’s time to plant it.  Primarily, what will be going in here will be corn, pole beans and squash.  Late summer, I’ll plant it with mangels and other cool weather crops.  The next strips will contain more permanent crops like Jerusalem artichokes, comfrey, etc.

These rows are approximately 75 feet long and two feet wide with a two foot walkway between the rows.  Now that the rows have been tilled, we will not walk on them to avoid compaction.  Narrow rows are easier to plant and harvest.

It’s a start!

Until later …