Ancona Ducklings!

So far 18 have hatched out which is not a good hatch rate, but I think I put too many eggs in the incubator (duck eggs are larger than chicken eggs) and it may have interfered with proper circulation.  I almost turned it off this morning, but when I moved the eggs around, I heard peeping.  I helped that guy out and left the incubator on for a little while longer.

The past few days have been stressful.  Wally had a court hearing yesterday.  Nothing happened, per se, but hopefully the matter can be moved on and put to bed, for good.  I did not realize how stressed I was about it until it was over.  I slept better last night than I’ve slept in a while.  I think I’m finally past the time change.  It will be dark (and cold!) doing chores this morning, but that will pass soon enough.

The rabbits have been breeding really well the past few days.  I love it when I put a rabbit in with a buck and she breeds immediately!  We caught one of the American Chinchilla bucks that was running loose on Sunday and I’ve used him some.  Poor old (maybe not so poor!) Teddy Bear has been my only buck for a while now.  He’s been getting all of the girls and that may not be a good thing.  I have a son of Teddy Bear who will be old enough to breed in a month or two.  Then Teddy Bear will get a break (probably not something Teddy Bear wants to hear).

This Thursday and Friday are planting days.  No excuses.  Last week got lost, so lost I forgot to do my web design homework!  I couldn’t believe it when I logged on to the college’s web site to do this week’s homework and discovered I had not done last weeks!  I don’t know where my head was last week!!!

Until later …