A very laggy morning …

Wally let me sleep in this morning which a welcome treat.  The alarm woke us up, which is unusual.  I was deep in a dream where I was helping people out of a plane that had crashed in a field not far from here.  I was at a convenience store getting a cup of coffee when I saw the plane going down.  I was one of the first people on the scene.  Weird.

Here it is almost 7:30 and I haven’t gone out yet.  It’s going to warm up today and hopefully this will be the last cold morning for the season.  I had Wally cut me some planting triangles and much of today will be spent in the garden.  Call me old fashioned, lazy or stupid, but I haven’t put any seeds in yet.  The soil is cold and it’s been really wet.  It may be too late for peas and carrots, but that’s okay.  The goal this season is to get the crop in the ground in a proper way (using biointensive methods), watch them grow and harvest them.

Yesterday, I posted on Facebook a link to a recent post on a blog that I enjoy reading.  He writes: “It’s just a slow improvement coupled with the laying in of new habits and practices. It’s a layering, year over year. You do a little more, lay a bit more groundwork each new season, build up a bit more infrastructure, increase your knowledge and better your habits and make it routine, make it normal. It becomes easier. ”  I am laying in new habits and practices, layering and laying the groundwork.  I do not need to compete with the established farms and their greenhouses and tractors.  I need to figure out what we can do, what this farm can do and where we can go from here.  As one established farmer told me, “there will soon be a glut of tomatoes on the market.  Why compete with that?”  He shoots for later season tomatoes.  Really, tomatoes should be in full season starting in August, not May (or earlier!).   Does growing vegetables out of season (i.e. in heated greenhouses) fall under the “sustainable” umbrella.  I’m not so sure.  What would you do if there was no electricity or fossil fuel to heat your greenhouse?  Sure, you could use wood, but if there was limited electricity or fossil fuel, I’ll bet you’ll be using that wood to heat your house, not your greenhouse.

I still have not purchased a greenhouse.  Eventually I will, but maybe not for this growing season.  I want to make sure I get the best greenhouse for our farm, at the best price and put it in the right location.  Until we get the new rabbit barn set up and decide where the rabbits will be wintered over, I do not know where the greenhouse will need go.  Not only do I want the greenhouse for starting seedlings, but for growing fodder as well.  Come the end of the summer (or maybe the height of the summer) we may stumble upon a greenhouse for a good price.  That’s what happened with the tiller.  We lucked out on that tiller.

I am working on my first cup of coffee which tastes darned good going down.  I feel guilty for not getting up and getting Wally his coffee.  I’ll have to make it up to him.

Hopefully this weekend we can get another couple of rows tilled in the rabbit area.  I’ll be getting Jerusalem Artichoke tubers at the farmer’s market this Saturday and they can go in the ground now.  I have close to 900 tiny trailer loads of rabbit manure mulch to haul out there this weekend.  Oh for a tractor!  One day we will have one, but for now, we’ll do it the old fashioned way.

Speaking of old fashioned ways, one of the items I budgeted for with the RAFI grant was a scythe.  If I remember, I’ll call and order that today.  With this warm weather, clover and vetch will soon be growing like crazy in the back fields and it will be time to go out and make my crop circles cutting fodder for the rabbits.  If all goes well, in a few weeks, we can put the rabbits back on grass.  That will be a happy time for all!

Until later …