A puppy reunion

Fern, Monty and Pyro got to spend time playing together over the weekend.  They all seemed to remember each other and had a ball together.  It was interesting to see the three of them together.  Monty and Pyro have Gel’s size, but they are thicker in body than he is.  They are all so black!

Monty went back home this morning and I’m sure he’ll be very glad to get back to his kids.  Marcus came over Saturday night with his son.  Monty latched on to him and wouldn’t leave his side.

Gel got a bit of work to do this weekend.  On Saturday we caught up all the ewes and lambs and inspected the lambs.  The testicles of ones we banded last month have all fallen off so they are officially wethers.  Last year Wally and I screwed up on the banding of two of the ram lambs and we didn’t want to make the same mistake again.  The ewes have stopped fighting Gel so I’m going to start working that flock on a more regular basis so when I take the lambs over to my house, they’ll be accustomed to being moved by a dog.  On Tuesday or Wednesday of this week I need to go over to Wally’s and move the flock back across the street.  Wally is going away from the 27th through the 1st of July and it’s easy for the man who cares for them when Wally is away to have them on that side of the street.  When they are moved, I plan to take the dogs over there a few times a week to work Fern in particular.  The pasture set up is conducive to working a young dog.  My fenced-in area is fine as well, especially now that I’ve dug up most of the thistle that was growing in there. 

On Sunday we went over and helped load some sheep that Wally bought at the auction for Marcus.  Like Wally, Marcus is starting to keep more sheep than goats.  It was obvious these sheep had not ever been moved by a dog and were quite difficult, but we got them up.  Gel loves loading livestock.  He’ll get more opportunity, hopefully, this week when we swap out the cattle for goats.  Marcus has told me that we’d continue to have access to the cattle in their new location which is good.  I need to keep Gel sharp on them and keep Fern on them as well.  Her confidence is increasing on a daily basis.  I took the above photo this morning.  The cow in the picture turned off from her.  Normally I have her working with Gel, but she moved them on her own this morning without any trouble.  The goats will help her learn to push slow-moving livestock.  I’m glad she’s going to both head and heel; Gel will only head, which is common in Border Collies.  While Gel can get and keep the cattle moving, it would be a lot easier of he’d hit a heel if necessary rather than circling around to their heads to grip.  Heading is great to stop escaping livestock, but not so useful when keeping them moving.  Perhaps I can encourage some heeling in Gel with the goats.


The images I’ve posted lately have been taken with what is essentially a point and shoot camera.  It is convenient to be able to put the camera in my pocket and take it out when I need it.  The quality isn’t so great though.  I have to mow the path for my ElectroNet tonight.  I set it this morning.  We got a good amount of rain last night so I was able to get the poles in the ground without too much difficulty.  Now that it’s set, I can mow around it and unfortunately I’ll need to re-set it again, but it shouldn’t take too long.  Then I might go out with my real camera to take some decent photographs.

I wrote  in NRN some about connections and more about my healing journey.

More later …