If they only knew …

If the people I work with only knew what I did before I came to work each morning.

I thought that as I was driving through grass over my ATV this morning getting the cattle up.  They are getting trickier in their hide and seek games.  Luckily, Gel now understands the game and he finds them for me.  I drove out to where they have been lately, but they were not there.  Gel broke off in a different direction and at first I ignored him until I came back to where I started and waited for a few minutes.  I went back the way I came to where Gel had broke off and sure enough, there were the cows in thick brush.  It took a bit to get them out.

Fern is intense.  Gel is sometimes very “loosey-goosey,” my fault for sure.  He’s got plenty (PLENTY) of drive to work.  He’ll work all day if I ask him, but he’s slow and methodical in his work.  I wish he had a bit more push, it’s there if I ask for it, but I have to ask for it.  He doesn’t quite understand that cattle are not likely to move unless you lean on them.

Last night when I was taking the sheep and cattle out to graze, I used Fern to bring the sheep down and when they were in the field, I turned back to see what Gel was doing with the cattle.  They were coming, albeit slowly.  I shhhhh’d Fern and she ran out and got behind the cattle, at warp speed.  The cattle immediately started trotting.  Good girl Fern.

The problem I’m seeing with Fern, however, is she’s got a bit too much eye and can be sticky.  I used her to take the ducks out of the pen last night.  I was near the gate and that was enough pressure on the ducks so that they stopped.  Fern stopped too.  Then I had a heck of a time getting her back up again.  She did a lot of creeping on her belly.  Not good.  Style is nice, but it isn’t terribly useful in regular work.  The judges may like it, but I don’t have use for a lot of style.  It’s pretty, but pretty is as pretty does.

Fern needs to learn “get up” and that’s something I plan to work on tonight.  It’s time to start getting flanks on her and whistles.  We are going over to Wally’s to move the ewes with lambs to a different pasture and I’ll work Fern tonight.  I had planned on working last night, but I had to mow the path for the ElectroNet and re-set that.  When I was finished, I mowed most of the area where the sheep and cattle were grazing.  I mowed until I ran out of gas, me and the mower.  By the time I was done, it was 8:30 and almost time to go out and get the sheep and cattle.

It’s unfortunate that the days are already getting shorter.

I called my venison supplier, Deana, this morning.  Another example of meeting some really nice people because of my dogs and cats.  I found out about this processor several years ago now, called and asked if I could buy venison scraps off them.  They live about eight miles from me.  During venison season, I get scraps galore, all for the price of a couple of cases of beer.  I called to ask if Deana’s husband could find me a used 22 rifle.  He’s going to go to a local gun shop that they frequent and pick one up for me and then show me how to use it.  They also have three processed deer in the freezer that were not picked up.  I’ll buy them over time.  I am out of venison, have been for a while now, and I know the dogs and cats will enjoy having more of it.

Gosh would I love to learn to shoot well enough to go deer hunting on my own.  I’m all set for it, lots of land with lots of deer (saw some last night when we went out to find the sheep and cattle) and an ATV to haul the carcass out with.  All I need is the proper rifle and the ability to hit what I shoot at.

Hmmmm, probably best to leave deer hunting to Marcus.  Men are useful for some things.