Walking on the Wild Side Part II

Last night I took the puppies for a long walk. We went all the way around a ten acre field. I wish I had brought along my camera or camcorder to capture this: Ted the cat went on the walk with us. The puppies ran along behind me in a pack. Ted ran behind the puppies until he caught up to them, then, just like a cheetah, he reached out with his front paw to trip a particular puppy up, which of course he did and the puppy would go down. It doesn’t take much to knock the puppies off their feet at this age. Then he’d run ahead of them and lie down on the ground himself until he got swarmed with puppies at which point he’d get up and run ahead again. I was rolling on the ground laughing at them!

This morning I dropped off a fecal sample at the local veterinarian’s office to check for worms. Gosh I hate going to a conventional veterinarian’s office. While I was waiting for them to fill out the paperwork, I listened to the receptionists checking in the clients. They were suggesting rabies and other shots to animals coming in for surgery. They were also pushing a new rabies vaccine for cats that apparently does not cause vaccine-induced-sarcomas. I may have heard wrong, but I believe the downfall with this vaccine is that it only lasts one year. What new vaccine will they think of next? The veterinarian’s office did not want to do the fecal test because they had not seen the mother of the puppies, but they agreed to do it. Just do the darned test and get on with it!

The puppies can now climb the five stairs leading into my house without any problems!