Mushrooms and puddles!

I wasn’t doing so well last evening.  I was tired, itching (I have poison oak on various places on my body as well as a whole bunch of bug bites), food tasted awful and was craving my addictions (which I did not partake in).  I would have liked to have just gone to bed early, but I still needed to up my livestock and the dogs hadn’t been exercised or worked.  All in all, they were being very accommodating, but I do like to make sure they get at least one good run in a day. 

Around quarter of eight I got dressed and headed out on the ATV.  We got more rain yesterday afternoon and early evening.  Once I got going with the dogs, I started to feel better.  The enjoyment that they get out of just plain flat out running is addictive.  I was pleased to see mushrooms growing in the fields and puddles: lots of puddles!  What a big improvement over the desert-like ecosystem that has been the norm since last year.

We rounded up the cattle, sheep and poultry and got everyone settled for the night.  By that time it was a bit after nine and I called it a night.

I got a good night’s sleep and this morning, everything was much better.