Who’s your daddy?

You know how sometimes you know you are making the wrong decision, yet you continue on with it because it is easier to do it that way than it is to go with your gut instincts?

Lesson learned, go with your gut instincts.

I agreed to allow Gel to be used as stud this past spring.  On the way to meet the woman who owns the bitch, I almost turned around and didn’t go.  I wish I did.  There was only one breeding, a ten minute tie.  I hoped and prayed that the bitch didn’t take because her owner was too lazy to arrange to meet me for a second breeding.  If the bitch didn’t take, she wasn’t going to get a second chance.  Well, she took, but I suspect she was bred before Gel bred her: by her son.  The puppies were born 58 days from Gel’s breeding.  There were five puppies born, one was born dead and deformed.  Gel is black-factored.  You may recall all of the puppies that he sired off Midge were very black.  Except for Fern, all of the puppies have dropped ears, like their father.  Granted, the bitch in question is white factored, but when bred to a dark male for a previous litter, all of the puppies were dark.  We (the bitch’s owner and I) both assumed the puppies would be dark, in fact, she told me she’d not had a pup yet that wasn’t white factored, except when she bred her to a dog (who shall remain nameless, but he has more white on him than Gel does).  They are not, they are all very high white and several of them now have standing ears.  Very odd, unless of course, Gel wasn’t the sire of these puppies.

On the day that I came back after the breeding, I agreed to take a young dog out of the bitch who had been returned to the bitch’s owner.  The woman didn’t have time to work with him and I thought it would be good experience for me.  I shouldn’t have done it.  The dog was extremely fearful, didn’t know his name and was hard to handle.  One day while we were out in the back fields, he got spooked and took off, never to be seen again.  The woman wasn’t too upset about it, just hoped he was okay and that someone had found him.  I did too.  She didn’t loose any money on him because when she took him back from the people she sold him to, she didn’t refund the purchase price.  The agreement when I took him was that I’d socialize him and try to find a home.

As it got closer to the time when the puppies were due, I started to have second thoughts about taking a puppy back.  I wasn’t sure I wanted a third dog, there was another litter due around the same time that I was drawn to, and, this is the most important reason, the woman was hanging out with people who are not fans of mine.  The woman hadn’t told them the bitch was bred and rest assured, she wasn’t going to tell them who the sire was knowing exactly what they’d have to say about it.  In fact, I started to question her decision myself, knowing what would be said about Gel when the truth came out.  The woman simply sang of Gel’s virtues, things like: “I have no regrets about breeding the two, know their attributes, and weaknesses, but I also know that they are both very well rounded mentally stable dogs, and I look forward to working with what we have produced.”  I have all the e-mails wherein she raved about Gel so that should she ever start to blame Gel for any defects in the puppies, and even though she’s had temperament issues in other puppies off that bitch, they always blame the sire.  I’m prepared for that.

Well, when I told her I had decided not to take a puppy, the ogre in her came out.  I knew it was there, darned I should have listened to my gut instinct and told her no she couldn’t use Gel, but I was so incredibly stupid.

On her Blog, she doesn’t say who the sire of the litter is.  I am not surprised, especially given that they may very well be a mother/son breeding, who’d want to admit to that, but she certainly isn’t going to give Gel any credit, not that I expect any.  Heck, she hasn’t done anything with her dogs to date, why should she do anything with the puppies she’s kept.  I’ve looked into DNA testing and it isn’t terribly expensive, but I do not expect that she’d agree to sending me a sample, nor can I count on the sample being accurately taken.   When she went off on me and started to ask for reimbursement for the loss of her dog, something that never came out until I said I wasn’t sure I wanted a puppy, I just sent her the signed litter registration.  Heck, she should have been happy, it was one more puppy for her to sell that she wouldn’t have had if I took it.  I should have waited until the puppies were born because as soon as I saw them, I started to question whether they were off Gel.  In fact, she’s telling people that I offered  Gel as sire in order to pay her back for the loss of the dog I took from her and that since that was the only way she was going to be able to recoup the money off his loss (which loss is a bunch of rubbish) she agreed to the breeding!  The problem with that rationale is I have e-mails from her from the beginning if the year asking if she could use Gel.  It’s amazing how people twist things to suit themselves.

Oh well, you live and you learn.  Gel will remain unneutered because he’s healthier that way, but never again will be be used as an outside stud.

Okay, my thought for the day: Some people are like slinkies; not really good for anything but they bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs.

Thanks Sheryl for sharing this with me.