Puppies Taking Over My Life

You know your mind is on little else besides the puppies when you are walking through the small mall attached to the building you work in and see a group of children on a field trip and you think to yourself, I wish I could bring the puppies here to play with the children to further their socialization.

Went for another long walk out in the fields with the puppies last night. They really seem to enjoy that. For dinner I put a whole rabbit in their pen. They did a good job consuming it, fur and all.

Just contacted the vet and the puppies have round worms so I’ll stop by on my way home and get wormer for them. While I could use Diatomaceous Earth, I just as soon get rid of the parasites now prior to their leaving for their new homes.

Inferno looks different than any of the other puppies. She has less coat and her ears are starting to come up. None of the other puppies’ ears are coming up yet. I am wondering if she isn’t going to favor Gel’s mother, Kim. That would be fine with me. Interestingly, I understand Gel was the only puppy in the litter with any coat, maybe Inferno will be the only puppy in this litter to have a smooth coat.