Liar, liar your pants are on fire!

I wrote on Friday about the fiasco with using Gel as stud.  I mention in the post that the breeder is telling people that I offered Gel as stud in order to pay her back for the dog of hers that ran off while in my care.  I just went back through my old e-mails and I found an e-mail  from her dated December 19, 2007 (names removed to protect the innocent, or maybe not-so-innocent) wherein she asks about using Gel for stud.  The dog who was lost hadn’t even been returned to her by that point, never mind in my care.

She’s also telling the story that a “well-known Open handler” took on of the puppies and is taking the puppy under a neuter contract.  “Well known” Open handlers take puppies from an unknown breeding between two completely unproven dogs and put all the work into training them only to have then neutered all the time.  Yea, right.

People are ridiculous.  I decided not to take a puppy from the cross.  When I decided not to take the puppy, that’s when payment for the lost dog came into picture.  I sent her the signed litter registration with a letter stating that by sending her the litter registration, I waived any right to a stud fee or puppy back and by accepting the litter registration, she waived any alleged responsibility on my part for the lost dog.

I wish now I had waited until I saw the puppies before sending the litter registration.  That’s reason enough for her to keep the alleged sire secret.  If anyone saw pictures of Gel, they’d question all the white and ear set on those puppies.