Irritation is the best form of motivation

After finding out what was being said about Gel as it relates to the litter of puppies he allegedly sired, I realized I was sick and tired of people putting my dog down.  Our holes in USBCHA trialing are driving and making panels.  I’ve been talking about finishing my panels for a long time now and hadn’t finished it.

Well, except for one that is almost done, they are done.  I know once Gel realizes that when I set the sheep up to go towards a drive panel, that’s what needs to be done.  He figures things out quite quickly.  Once he knows he’s to drive sheep through panels, then competing on a competitive basis in USBCHA will be well within our grasp.  His outrun, lifts and fetches are already quite good.  It’s just the driving where we have issues.

 Here’s Gel sleeping on panels, hopefully he’s having good dreams: 

And here’s a few of Fern and her kittens:

 Of course, I could have not tried to figure out what was being said, but like Winnie the Pooh, I just want to know.  What is important to me is that things played out exactly as I thought they might.  I was able to read the individual and predict with good accuracy exactly what was going to happen.  I’m glad I kept all the e-mail exchanges between us.

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  1. Thanks. Fern loves her kittens. Did you see the expression on the red kitten’s face in the lower photograph? If you click on it, you’ll see a larger size of it.

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