Is it really Saturday?

I got up early this morning and had to really think to myself, is it Saturday or do I have one more day of work before a day off?

It is a good thing it’s Saturday so I can take my time getting done what I need to. The puppies trashed their pen last night. I gave them some store-bought ground chicken last night and whatever they didn’t eat, they rolled in and spread all over the floor of their pen. Lovely. They make less mess with a deer carcass (maybe!). As I was cleaning the run I thought to myself, how many other breeders do this? It surely is a lot less mess if you feed kibble, well, maybe, I’m sure there’s a lot more stool produced from puppies on kibble and I doubt they are as nicely formed as they are with puppies on raw. The puppies are using their litter box, but because I’m using Yesterday’s News, they track black gunk all over the place. I’m going to try pine shavings tonight.

I hit the jackpot again at the Goodwill Store where I bought the busy center and stuffed-turtle-on-wheels a few weeks ago. I gave the busy center to a friend of mine to give to her granddaughter, the turtle is still a bit hit so they still have that. They also love the small furniture dolly I bought for them. They have no fear of moving surfaces. Last night I stopped at the same store and found something I’ve been looking for since the puppies were about two weeks old: a toddler slide! Unfortunately it’s a bit too big for the puppies now, but it will be useful in a few weeks. I also bought a small tunnel, which of course the puppies love.

I’m off now for four days. The woman who is transporting the three puppies to Canada (Katherine) is due to arrive on Monday, stay overnight and leave on Tuesday. I’m looking forward to spending time with Katherine. It’s great when you can meet someone who shares most of your views, especially when they are your “extremist” views! I hope to get the baby dog walk put together this weekend as well as my contact trainer. Today hopefully I have an agility lesson at 3:00 and on Sunday I have an appointment to have the puppies temperament tested at 2:00. It’s going to be a busy weekend, good thing I have Monday and Tuesday off. Of course, I also need to get my house cleaned. This morning I got through the stack of dirty dishes in my sink. Too much to do, too little time.

All of the photos posted today were taken last night during our walk. It was overcast and the puppies were very active so of the almost 100 shots I took, I only got a few decent ones.

Well, I have to go and check on the puppies. They are out in the front yard with Midge. I “tie out” Midge so she has to stay with the puppies. If I don’t, she has the tendency to go on solo walkabouts, which are not allowed.